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What’s up guys, hope you had a good weekend.  It’s crazy how fast time goes by. I see the days getting shorter, the sun is setting earlier and earlier every day.  This means summer is over and it’s back to school time! This also means it’s time to shop for clothes.

Shopping for school clothes can be a bit confusing this time of year.  If you live in a location that gets all the seasons it’s hard to figure out what to wear.  You can have days where it will be 60 degrees in the morning  and by noon it will be in the 80’s; it makes it harder to buy the right pieces for your kids to wear to school.  Do you buy short sleeves or sweaters, shorts or corduroys?  The answer is, you buy a little of both.

Keeping a few tips in mind will help make shopping easier.  First thing, buying summer clothes is ok!  This time of year summer clothing will be on sale or clearance. Most stores are trying to get rid of their summer inventory so you will be able to get great deals.  You can stock up for the upcoming summer season, which means you would buy the clothes in larger sizes.  If you do buy pieces for your kids current sizes my suggestion would be, not to buy a whole lot of things.  More than likely they won’t be able to wear them in a year.  Some summer clothing makes great layering pieces but we’ll get to layering in a moment.

It may read 85 degrees on the thermometer but cool weather is inevitable.  This is where buying those sweaters and corduroys come in. Those fall mornings can be pretty chilly at the bus stop. When  those temperatures drop, having that light jacket or sweater is a must.  Any current season items you purchase will be regular price, but try to catch a good back-to- school or Labor Day sale.  You will find great deals on all the pieces you’ll need for fall.  Check out these sales here and here and here and here.

Earlier I mentioned the word layering, this is a key tip to shopping for those perfect B-2-School outfits. Layering gives the option of adding when it’s cool and taking away if it’s warm.  Summer pieces are ideal for layering. Reuse a cute summer dress or pair of shorts by adding tights underneath.  Put a denim shirt or jacket over a tank top, so that if the temperature gets up into the 80’s in the afternoon it can be removed.   One of the graphic tee’s you purchase from that summer sale will pair great with a cute plaid shirt and corduroy pants.

Dressing this time of year can be a bit frustrating.  Keeping these things in mind will help when doing that back-to-school shopping and  even keep you from having to put all those cute summer clothes away.  Have a great school year guys!




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