Fashion Friday: 9 Style Tips To live By


‘Fashion Fades, Style is eternal.’ – Yves Saint Laurent

Hey guys! Today is a great day to talk style and fashion. My personal style has evolved so much over the years and through that time I have developed my own “style code”.  Several tips that I live by that have really helped me to create and define a style that is really specific to me. I thought that I would write this post to share some of those tips with you.


1. Dress for Where You Are in Life

Every season in life brings a need for a certain “uniform” or outfit, a look that you wear consistently. For example, a woman in the corporate field would probably wear a lot of business suits, or business casual attire. In my case, I have small children that I need to keep up with everyday. I need to be able to move fast and be comfortable. It wouldn’t make sense for me to have a closet full of only dresses and skirts. When I shop I have to be conscious of this, I try to buy comfortable shoes and pieces that are loose fitting. I do keep a variety of things in my closet, but I make sure that I have pieces that work with #momlife while still keeping my casual mom style sexy and chic.

2. Buy Clothes that Compliment Your Body

We all have different body types and parts of our bodies that we may not be as comfortable with, That’s okay! I believe true style is being able to still look amazing and stylish no matter what state your body is in. First, you have to be honest with yourself about your body. Once you know what you’re working with then you know how to shop. I am in the process of working on my mid-section. It is not my favorite thing on my body and it can be downright frustrating, but I don’t let that stop me from dressing well. I shop with the intention to camouflage it as much as possible. Until it gets to a place that I am happy with it I am going to be the best dressed person I can be! If you are a tall person, find pieces that don’t cut you off and make you look dumpy. Pieces that play up your height will look great on you. If you are petite you can get away with pieces that give you more fullness and curves. I think that Kerry Washington’s style on ‘Scandal’ is a perfect example of this. Her stylist puts her in clothes that fill her out. She always has on peplums and ruffles to make her appear more curvy. I’m sure even she has things about her body that her stylist has to work around. Whatever place you are in you can still find great pieces to wear that will make you feel confident and beautiful.

3. Invest In Quality

When it comes to buying clothes, quality will always chump quantity! You want to invest in quality pieces that will last you and hold up against tons of wear. Quality is everything when it comes to your wardrobe. Buying pieces that are well made will take your style to another level. Invest in things like coats, jackets, sweaters, and shoes, you will be surprised at what this will do to your overall look. It will also save you money in the long-run because those pieces will last so much longer than the less expensive items. It may take a little time to build up that quality wardrobe but you will be so glad that you did it!

4. A White Tee is Always a Good Idea

When in doubt a white t-shirt is the perfect piece to have in your wardrobe. I keep at least 3 or 4 of them in the lineup, I keep them in different lengths and styles. A white tee can be dressed up with a floral print or colorful skirt or dressed down with a pair of distressed jeans and a bomb shoe (this is my personal favorite). A white tee is a perfect piece for those days when you can’t figure out what to wear. Throw one on under a blazer for a super chic look, the possibilities of a white tee are endless!


5. Let One Item be the Star of the Outfit

When I put looks together I always think, I want to let one part of the outfit be the focus. For instance, if I have a pair of shoes with a funky standout design or has a lot of colors I won’t wear anything that will compete with them. The same goes for the clothing, if my dress is a bright colorful print I wear a nude shoe so the dress gets the spotlight. Too many busy items will cause you to look overdone, and like you really don’t understand how to put things together. This tip will insure that you always look put together and will seal your fashionista status!

6. Find Style Inspiration

Finding people that inspire your own style is a must! Any super stylish person will tell you that they got their own style from watching some other super stylish person. Whether it’s a Hollywood icon like Audrey Hepburn or your grandmother; we all take our style cues from someone. When you find your inspiration take notes and learn from them, then take the things you learn and put your own spin on them. One key to defining great style is learning from people who have already done it! One of my style inspirations is Olivia Palermo she is a genius at mixing prints and just simplistic chic style. You can read more about my style inspiration here.

7. Purge, Purge, Purge

In order to define and maintain great style you have to be intentional about where you shop, what you buy and YOUR CLOSET! If you don’t know what you have in your closet you can’t possibly know what you have to wear. If you have a bunch of outdated old clothes in your closet being stylish and on trend will not work. Purging your closet is a must for any burgeoning fashionista. Getting rid of things that don’t fit, that have a lot of wear and tear or that you simply don’t use anymore will help you know what you have to work with. My rule is every three to six months I go in my closet and toss or donate items that just sit there collecting dust. If you haven’t worn something in over a year it’s definitely time to get rid of it. Purging your closet is essential to maintaining a great wardrobe and keeping you organized and stylish. My post on How to Organize Your Closet will show you step by step how to do a proper and effective closet purge.

8. Using What You Have and Re-purposing

After you have purged and organized your closet you should have a clear picture of what you have to work with. Once you have done this you may realize that you have great pieces and you can put together some amazing looks. Everyone doesn’t have the money to go on massive shopping sprees every week. If you are on a budget this is a great tip to implement. Using the things you already have in your closet can save you so much money because you can delay running out to buy a bunch of new clothes. Re-purposing is also a great way to save, take a seasonal piece like a summer dress and re-purpose it for winter by adding a jacket and a pair of ankle boots. Add some tights and a cardigan sweater to those summer shorts for a whole new outfit. You will be surprised at how many different options you have when you do this.

9. Outfits Should Make You Feel Confident and Beautiful

Whether it’s from your closet or new from the store, a dress or a pair of jeans; every outfit you put together should make you feel like a movie star! You should feel confident and sexy and ready to take on the world! No matter what size you are you should feel great about yourself when you get dressed and you will be able to tell when you put the outfit on. If you feel self-conscious or uncomfortable in any way, Don’t Wear It! I live by this and it has really helped me over the years.

These tips have helped me hone in and solidify my particular style. I know they will help yo do the same. Even if you just take one of them you will be closer to defining a style and look that you can be confident in and proud of.

What are some style tips you live by? I’d love to hear!



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