Stylish Last Minute Gift Ideas




Merry Christmas everybody! I love Christmas, it is my favorite time of the year and I go ALL OUT! When it comes to shopping though, some of us aren’t the best at preparing ahead of time.  There are some people that start way early in the year, and then there are some of us that for whatever reason find ourselves still buying gifts on Christmas Eve.  You could say I was the latter of the two.  I have gotten better over the years, but every now and then you could still end up needing to buy a last minute present for someone.  Whichever one of these you are,  you can still find practical gifts that are sure to bring a smile to whomever is on the receiving end.  Here’s a list of stylish gift ideas perfect for that last minute Christmas rush.


You can never go wrong with a cozy pair of pajamas or a soft comfy pair of slippers.  It’s a practical gift that 9 times of 10 will absolutely be used over and over again.  They come in all sizes and styles and you can find them for any budget.


Fragrance can be a bit tricky because you really need to know the person you’re shopping for pretty well.  The choices are endless and you are sure to find something in your budget. *** A good tip for buying cologne or perfume is go to stores like TJMaxx or Marshalls if you’re on a tight budget.  They usually have a great selection and the prices will be well below retail.


A hat and scarf and glove set are a lot like pajamas… they are super practical and will be used over and over again (unless the person lives in Florida or somewhere that’s hot all of the time, in this case shop accordingly)!


I know! I know! “a gift card is so impersonal”, I totally disagree with this statement.  Gift cards are great for super last minute gifts because you can buy them almost anywhere; you can buy gift cards for almost if not everything.  They are also perfect if you are not sure what to buy for someone.


Once again a practical gift will always win out over that really rare set of beer mugs or colorful golf balls!  LOL!!! A nice faux fur blanket is any Netflix and chillers dream! Who doesn’t want to cuddle up with their significant other under a warm and cozy blanket on a cold winter night? Trust me, you can never go wrong with gifts like this!

That’s it guys! You are sure to check off everyone on your list if you decide to go with any of these items.  The trick to not being overwhelmed is to write it all down.  I pray you guys have a wonderful Christmas and a happy and prosperous New Year!







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