Planner Fever: My Newest Obsession and How I Stay Organized


What’s up guys?! Hope you’re having an awesome week! I am so excited about this new year and I am working diligently to make improvements in areas of my life.  It’s not so much new year’s resolutions as it is just being more intentional and setting goals, that’s why I had to share this with you guys.  One of the things I am doing is planning.  I don’t mean just sitting down and writing out your day, I mean a whole other world that has become a total obsession!

I was introduced to planning a couple of years ago and thought it was so cool. There seemed to be a lot to it so I brushed it off.  One day while on Youtube I came across it again and I decided to give it a try; needless to say I am totally hooked! There is a community of people who “plan”, and I’m talking about hobby-like crazed planning with stickers and ‘washi tape’ and customized calendars and personalized planners.  It’s complete joy and madness all wrapped up in one and I love it.  Not only has it given me a hobby that is all mine, but it has forced me to sit down and really write out everything I need to do and everything I am thinking of doing.  IT’S SO MUCH FUN!!!!! I mean the fact that I can be an adult and still play with stickers! (I’m a big kid at heart.)

There are tons of Facebook groups you can join, with women from all walks of life and professions and they’re all obsessed with planning as well.  I am still working on getting my planner to a place that I am happy with, they call it “planner peace”. (Yes it is a thing!)



*These are inserts I made myself.  It’s so easy, pick a theme and create your inserts based on the theme you choose.
Louis Vuitton Planner Party
Glam Planner
*To join these groups you simply have to request to join and there are tons more just like these.
City Girl Planners (Inserts)
Minted Sugar ( Calendar Inserts)
Keep It Moving Planner (Dividers)
The Creative Bee Shop (Bow Clips)
Other Stores: Michael’s, Hobby Lobby

I am a firm believer in having fun and enjoying your life and this is one of the ways I do that, all while getting organized at the same time! Share some of your fun hobbies with me in the comments.

Until next week!



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