10 Ways To Feel More Put Together

#Momlife is not for the faint of heart.  It’s one of the most challenging and rewarding jobs you will ever do. Let’s be real though, a lot of the time we lose ourselves in the process and having it together feels like a thing of the past.  You miss one manicure appointment or put off doing something that would be normal for you before you had kids.  Like take a shower or put on makeup.  Before you know it you have totally let yourself go.  Believe me, I’ve been there! You just stop feeling Human.  

Looking and Feeling more put together takes a bit more effort for moms. (I mean let’s face it,  you have these miniature humans pulling on your leg and screaming your name every five minutes).  It may take extra time and energy on your part but, it can be achieved with some easy adjustments to your everyday life.

  Clean Out Your Car

I know you probably just threw something at the computer.  LOL! When you have kids, it is sort of inevitable that your car is going to be a little messy.  Haha!!!! Okay, an absolute disaster is more accurate! I understand but for me, I found that doing something as minute as picking up large pieces of trash or taking all the toys out of the car helps me feel better.  Granted you might have to do it all of the time, but it really is worth it.  Set aside one day of the week to do this and maybe even do a full out cleaning with vacuuming and the whole nine.  I promise you it will make you feel like a brand new person!!!

 Make Your Bed

This is one of those easy adjustments that will just take an extra five minutes of your time.  It makes a big difference and it helps you resist the urge to get back in!

Get Dressed Like You’re Going Out (even if you’re not)

Even if you showered but put your PJs back on it’s not the same as getting ready as if you were going somewhere.  Take that extra time and put on a cute sweatsuit or a pair of jeans and a cute tee.  Do your hair and put on perfume.  You’ll feel so different and it just gives you that boost, ya know.

  Put On Makeup

You don’t have to put on a “going on stage to perform face”.  I mean a touch of tinted moisturizer or BB cream, some blush, mascara, and lip gloss will take your confidence up a whole other notch.  You will be so surprised at what a little bit of makeup will do for you.

 Tidy Up Your Space

I think there is generally just something about a clean space that just makes us feel better.  Straightening up the kitchen, picking toys up off the floor, fluffing your couch pillows, or putting that laundry away will make you feel more accomplished and clear-headed.  Not to mention, you’ll actually have somewhere to walk.

Spend Time With God

I’m a #Jesusgirl all day long and this tops the list.  Take time to be refreshed and renewed by the One who knows and loves you.  You will feel like wonder woman when you are done and nothing in your day will seem too daunting of a task.  You’ll have a renewed sense of purpose and direction.  You can’t get more put together than that!

 Clear Out Emails

Are you one of those people that collects them for a hobby, you know the one who has 3,000 emails in the little red notification on your phone? This is a little thing but a big thing.  Clearing out all of those emails and seeing zero in the number space does something to our brain.  Trust me, sitting down and taking some time to do this will change your life.  *A tip for iPhone users, I scan through my most recent emails and if I don’t see anything that requires specific attention, I mark them all as read.  This will take the numbers down and help it to not be so overwhelming.

Get Pampered (me time)

I have to do better with this one, but scheduling time to get massages and facials is so necessary.  It helps you relax and relieves stress and tension.  This is something that doesn’t have to be every week, but every couple of months take the time to treat yourself to this.  Your life will thank you!

Keep Up With Your Grooming

Don’t skip that manicure, you deserve it! Keeping your nails polished is everything.  I can’t stress this enough!  You will just feel more like a woman when you have pretty hands and feet.  The same is to be said for having those eyebrows waxed or plucked or threaded.  However you take care of them, keeping these things tight can make or break this whole process.  It’s just a must ladies, so go ahead and make that appointment.  I’ll wait…

Create a Routine

I never really understood how vital this was to my everyday life.  I thought winging it would be okay, but I was so wrong.  My life is so much better now that I have begun to consistently implement this.  You NEED a routine,  point blank and period.  Structure is everything when it comes to being put together.  Get your self a planner or a journal and write out a schedule for your day.  Try to stick with that and do the same thing for a few weeks.  The fun part is you can adjust it to fit your personal needs.  Shortcut: go online and search for daily routines, you can find hundreds of templates and pick one you like.  Then you can tweak it to fit your life.  Believe me, whether you have one on purpose or not you already have a routine.


This could seem like a lot, but trust me when I tell you making these adjustments will give you so much confidence.  They will make you a better mom and person in general.  You’ll be happier and have a new sense of joy about life.

I would love to hear your thoughts and feelings about motherhood.  It takes a village to raise a child and a circle of sisters to be a great mom! Let’s support each other in the comments. 😉





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