How to Stay Stylish and Comfy Going Out With Kids

When it comes to going out with kids, I’d just rather not do it at all.  I mean really, there is a production that has to happen just to simply leave the house.  Getting ready to go anywhere with kids requires calculated planning and preparation.  If you have a little baby; it’s making bottles and filling a diaper bag with extra clothes and wipes and diapers etc.  Then add on having multiples of any amount can be completely overwhelming! You do all of this getting the kids ready and you realize you haven’t even begun to get yourself ready.  By the time it’s your turn, you just don’t care what you put on or what you look like.  I have been there too many times to count.  Choosing to take care of yourself and spend a little time on your outfit or hair or dare I say it… makeup just makes you want to bust out into laughter.

Here are a few tips to help you achieve both style and comfort when you have to leave the house with the kiddos.

 Get Yourself Ready First

This method tends to work best for me overall.  I feel like it takes me longer and requires more for me to get ready.  Once I am ready to go, I can just focus on making sure the kids have everything they need.  My best advice would be to try it out and see what works for you.

Keep It Simple

This depends on where you’re going.  I imagine if there are children involved it won’t be anywhere too fancy.  There may be instances where you are going somewhere special that requires getting really dressed up, but for the sake of this post let’s say you’re going to the park or the mall.  Try to keep it simple with your look.  From jewelry to handbag and shoes, choose things that are NO MUSS, NO FUSS! For example: a stud or small hoop earring, flats/sneakers, and a crossbody bag are the way to go.  You want to reduce the bulk and anything that requires a lot of afterthought.  Think along the lines of “less is more” and you’ll be stylish but most of all comfortable.

 Have Your Go-To Outfits

Have 3 or 4 different looks that you love and feel comfortable and stylish in.  Let those be your go-to outfits for when you go out with the kiddies.   I will be doing a post that goes into more detail about what outfits are perfect for going out with kids, so look out for that!

 Only Wear What Fits

The last thing you want is to be out somewhere running behind those babies with jeans that are too tight or too big, or a shirt that slides down leaving your undergarments exposed for everyone to see.  We all have pieces like this in our closets, you want the pair of pants/jeans that fit like a glove with plenty of stretch in them.  Make sure you are wearing pieces that you feel secure in and don’t make you feel nervous that you might have a wardrobe malfunction once you leave the house.

Put On Makeup

I mentioned this in my ‘Feeling put together post‘; if you want to look stylish even though you’re taking the kids to the park you should absolutely add a little makeup.  My go-to for these times is tinted moisturizer, it’s light and easy to apply.  Another NO MUSS, NO FUSS tip!  It doesn’t feel cakey and it generally gives you a fresh dewey look, (which is awesome if you’re not getting much sleep).
Add some mascara and lipgloss for the win.  It does so much for your overall look and it will put a bit of pep in your step.

Flats and Sneakers Are Your Friend

I know some women don’t really wear sneakers or flat shoes, but ladies this style of shoes is a must if you are wanting to be comfortable.  I am an avid supporter and wearer of sneakers and I’m always on the hunt for the perfect pair.  If you aren’t a “sneaker head” as they call it, go for the more stylish sneaker (i.e. the slide in sneaker) they look like the flat shoe and the athletic sneaker had a baby.  These come in so many different varieties, that I’m positive you’ll find the perfect pair.  The same thing goes with flats, the key to the right pair is fit and style.  Make sure they aren’t tight and have a little bit of support in them.  Don’t count these shoes out, you can find a cute and stylish pair of flats or sneakers that will compliment any outfit.

Jewelry & Fragrance

Last but certainly not least are jewelry and perfume.  I don’t believe any look is complete without the right piece of jewelry.  Adding some earrings or necklace are like the cherry on top of an ice cream sundae.  Like I said earlier, you want to keep it simple and don’t go bulky.  A cute stud or even a small hoop is a great compliment and will pull your entire ensemble together.

Smelling good is a must at all times!!!! Even if you’re going to the mailbox.  I don’t think a whole lot needs to be said about this.  Make sure you spray on your favorite body spray or perfume, either before or after or both when you are getting dressed.  It’s pointless to look cute and not smell good!


I hope this is helpful ladies! I don’t think you have to neglect yourself when you have children.  You can still be a #flymom with the right planning and preparation.



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